About the show

Come join us for a surreal, circular, and sweetly strange production.  THE SADNESS OF SMALL CAKES explores the shifting identities, roles, and memories of three men who are each others’ only company. As they struggle to subsist in an absurd and precarious landscape where language loses meaning and time changes shape without warning, personal connections and kindnesses become essential survival skills.


Written and Directed by Rowen Haigh

December 5-7 at 8:00pm in the Dreyer MFA Group Studio

Towson University, Center for the Arts

Osler Drive and Cross Campus Drive, Towson, MD 21252

Tickets: Tickets are free but require a reservation.  Please email with your desired date and the number of people in your party.  We will confirm your reservation via email within 24 hours.

About the creation process

During a brainstorming session in August 2012 I came up with the title “THE SADNESS OF SMALL CAKES” and decided, on the spot, that this would be the title of my MFA final project production.  I had nothing else.  No theme, no story, no characters, nothing.  Over the next year I was forced to admit this lack to everyone who asked me what I was working on. And, eventually, I had to start making some decisions and creating something tangible.

Much to my surprise, I started writing.  Not improvising with actors and devising in rehearsal, but writing.  I have never written a full play before.  I’ve contributed to the writing of pieces in a collaborative setting, and I’ve written some scenes and short plays as part of my coursework, but a whole play?  Never.

The fabulous thing about not being a playwright, though, is that it took the pressure off.  I am not freaking out, which is quite surprising.  The process of writing SADNESS has probably taught me more about theatre—more about timing, structure, and specificity—than any other single experience in my career thus far.

I’ll be posting about the rehearsal process and the production over the coming weeks, so if you’d like to stay tuned, please feel free to follow my blog, or check back often for all the juicy details.