The Bear Loves Honey:  White Flag Performance Group, 2013                           IMG_0669 copy
  • Scene 3:  Removal of Internal Organs
  • Scene 4:  Weighing of the Heart

The Bear Loves Honey is a meditation on the dark world inside the apartment of a grave-robber.  It is inspired by the story of Russian Anatoly Moskvin, a self-proclaimed ‘necrologist’ who was arrested in 2011 for digging up the bodies of 29 girls and young women.

mishamisha:  White Flag Performance Group, 2013

Interview with mishamisha creator Sarah Lloyd.

mishamisha is an experiential art installation created by White Flag Associate Artist Sarah Lloyd.  The installation is constructed to stand on its own as a creative, and to inform the development of White Flag’s 2013 production, The Bear Loves Honey.

Really You Should Use Bullets:  White Flag Performance Group, 2012bullets-2-045

Really You Should Use Bullets is an original clown show about life after death.

  • Watch the mini-documentary here
  • Watch the opening clip here

The Bullets mini-doc was created by videographer and stage manager Dawn Kelley.