RESEARCH: Personal Practice & Artmaking


My current research centers on the relationship between personal practice—the term I use for bringing attention and awareness to various aspects of one’s life—and artistic practice.

I am investigating how actions and habits become personal practices, and how those practices support, inform, and even create content for artistic work.  This interest has grown out of a need to explore a more fluid connection for myself between life and work, and out of a curiosity regarding how other artists conceptualize and navigate those elements and the connection between them.

In addition to examining this topic autoethnographically, I am also profiling other artists including Deborah Hay, Twyla Tharpe, Nancy Stark SmithTim Etchells, and Anne Bogart.  Through this study, I hope to better understand and articulate how I live and create as an artist, to shed light on how other contemporary artists live and make work, and to examine what connections and boundaries other artists cultivate between their personal lives and their artmaking.

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