rowen weddingI was born into a theatre family and grew up in love with the stage. I started out as an actor but was, over time, pulled to directing. During my undergraduate studies at Reed College I fell in love with the theatricality and physicality of postmodern dance, and wove that in as a major thread of my work.

From Reed I adventured to Philadelphia to strike out on my own as an artist. There, I discovered numerous like-minded collaborators interested in making work that uses the body as a central element of creation. Following this path, I was drawn to make more and more original work that blended text, movement, and heightened physicality. I started considering myself as much a deviser as a traditional “start-from-a-script” director.

In retrospect, it was this shift from director to deviser that brought me to graduate school. I had studied acting; I had studied directing; but I had never (formally) studied devising, new work creation, or new work development.

I entered Towson University’s MFA in Theatre Arts, an interdisciplinary theatre program geared towards new work development and self-producing artists, in the fall of 2011.  That same year I founded a theatre company, White Flag Performance Group, with fellow student Sean Mahoney. During our tenure in the program, White Flag created and produced six original productions (one of them in India), conducted three multi-state tours, and participated in three different fringe festivals.

I earned my MFA in Theatre Arts from Towson in 2014. I currently live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and have worked with several companies in the area including Burning Coal Theatre Company and Bare Theatre. I continue to serve as Co-Artistic Director of White Flag, as well as working as a freelance director and consultant.