I am a theatre artist—a director, deviser, and writer—who creates new works for the stage.

Rowen Haigh headshotMy aesthetic is grounded in a collective process of creation, an exploration of heightened physicality, and an avid interest in the sensory potential of live performance.

Devising—i.e. creating content, text, character, movement, and environment from the ground up—has proven to be my ideal form, although I also love engaging existing scripts.  In each context, I bring to my work a playful curiosity about the human body and an investment in developing an ensemble dynamic.

I do much of my work with White Flag Performance Group, an ensemble-based company I co-founded in 2011.  I serve as a Co-Artistic Director of White Flag, and seek to bring the same innovation and responsive creation to running the company that I bring to the rehearsal room.

As an educator I have had the privilege to teach theatre and movement to a wide range of people. In each classroom and workshop setting, I emphasize the importance of cultivating a sense of embodiment and awareness in order to delve into both practice and study with depth, presence, and flexibility.

You can browse the Philosophy, Biography, Resume, and Influences pages under the About tab for a more full picture of my work, my aesthetic, and my background.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line!