Moving and grooving in D.C.

I went to DC this past weekend to go to the weekly Contact Improv jam at St. James and St. Monica Church.  Committing to the hour-long drive, the 3 hour jam, and the hour-long drive back always seems daunting, but I am so thankful on the days I make it a point to go.

It’s an amazing experience, if I allow it to be, to step into a space and a time in which I only have one thing to do:  dance.  I don’t need to plan or execute any particular task.  I just need to be there.

Having that one job and that simple focus is such a relief.

As someone who tends toward extreme multitasking or extreme tunnel vision focus, I relish the opportunity to be present and to practice following impulses (from both outside and in) without an agenda.  Or, at least, with an agenda that I can shed as soon as I realize I have it.

This is why I love CI.  It allows me physical and experiential insight into the metaphysical.  I am able to practice, in a tangible and real-time way, what it is to let go of agendas, expectations, plans, and tasks.  And then I can feel, in my body, the openness, possibility, and choice that is accessible in the absence of a concrete plan.